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This is possibly one of the most geekily romantic things on the internet since Gabe proposed via a webcomic.

This is the first time I have looked in the "personals" section of craigslist, and I only did it because, frankly, I like to laugh at the "missed connections".

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So, I could claim that I have not written in awhile in solidarity with the writers strike, but that was merely coincidence.  I could also use my stock excuse of "life caught up with me" but that is no fun.  So, I'll simply say that I didn't write cause I didn't make time to do so.  I feel especially bad because this blog is partially to keep my Grandmother updated with my life, and I haven't been doing that.  Then again I did go to her house for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so she is pretty up to date.  As for my other loyal fans, here is what has happened recently.

I got a Job at a store for geeks, called Camelot Treasures.  I'm not just talking computer geeks, but LOTR geeks, SCA geeks, Ren Faire geeks, Fantasy geeks, Harry Potter geeks, fairy geeks, and soon, steampunk geeks.  I also work with a bunch of geeks, which is awesome.  I love working here and look forward to my next shift when I get off. 

I'm no longer working in the computer lab and I am overjoyed by that.  It was a nice job for about 6 months, but after a year I wanted to stab myself in the eye somedays.  But it is done with.

I am back in school, taking British Literature II (Romantic Period - 20th Century), Biology, Play Production II (which is really Movie Production), and an online intro to computers course.  Yes, you read that right.  I'm taking a class online about how to use computers.   School is going good, though I am a bit worried about Bio.  We talked about Quantum Mechanics yesterday in class.  I am beginning to believe that no one actually understands Quantum Mechanics and they all just pretend to.  It is a conspiracy.  o.O9

Crafting wise, I'm really soldering up a storm now that I have a proper soldering iron.  I think I'll use the old one for wood burning if I'm ever so inclined.  However I am frustrated by the learning curve.   I also have been looking at crocheting projects because someone left one at the store and I worked on it.  A lot. 

I don't quite understand the NC approach to snow.  It isn't even sticking to the ground and a guy came in and, in parting, said that he was off to work, where he hoped he wouldn't get snowed in.  There is no snow on the ground!
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The new rule in the computer lab where I work states that you must show the monitor your ID when you enter the lab.  No exceptions.  Previous rules required you to have it, but we would never  check it.  Now we have to ask every single person who comes in.  Up until now my job here has been relatively uneventful.  That has changed.  First a note to the people who come in here:

Yes, I am serious.  No, I can't make an exception.  No, your driver's license, syllabus, or receipt for classes will not suffice.  I need your ID (though if you bring in  your teacher, who just happens to be one of my favorite teachers, and she vouches for you, I'll let you in.  Because she is awesome).  It is free, and you need it to use many of our other facilities.  It will take you five  minutes to get one if you didn't get one at the beginning of the semester when you were supposed to.  Raising your voice makes me less inclined to help you.  Implying that I can't think for myself defiantly makes me not want to help you.  Everyone else can follow the rules.  Get a clue.  It wasn't my decision, and I wouldn't do it if I didn't have to.  Oh, and just because I say, "Can I see your ID?" does not mean you can say "No."  I'm asking to be polite, but I have to see it.  Also I don't have some "system" that I can look you up in.  It doesn't work that way.  I'm sorry.

The story I cannot stop telling in relation to this new rule is the girl who told me that If she couldn't use the lab, she was going to go home and kill herself.  Oh. My. God.  How do you respond to that?  I just squeaked out something along the lines of, "uhhh... just sign in...ohmygod."  A few minutes later after I had quit freaking out, I went online and printed out my therapist's information, then folded it up and slipped it to her.  She needs to talk to someone who is obviously not me. 

This rule has been in effect for about a week and a half, and I hate it with a passion.  There were minor annoyances previously, such as people invading my personal space, people who don't understand basic computer operations, such as turning it on, and people who ask the same questions every day.  And people who want me to do their homework for them.  No, I have my own.  Speaking of, I need to get back to that.
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 Last Saturday my brother and I put together a five min. video in 8 hours (quite a feat when you consider that typically every hour you spend filming ends up about 30 seconds in the final film).   And the rush I got from doing what I truly love was amazing.  The truly frustrating thing is that I can't write.  Screenplays I mean.  So a huge obstacle stands in my way, and I don't know what to do. 
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I have been volunteering with a community theatre in my area for about 6 years, and I have seen some stupid, but I almost laughed out loud at this.
First some background:  when you show up after a show has started, you have to wait with the House Manager for a certain window when you can be seated.  This is really annoying when you have a large group.  
For one of the shows in our Children's series, a lady showed up with about 10 kids about 15 min. late.  When told she had to wait until the proper moment when they could enter, she responded wit

"Well aren't there previews?"

Umm, no, this is live theatre.  Plus, we haven't even cast our next show.
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This is Ridiculous

I am current enrolled in a storytelling class, where we discuss elements of storytelling and tell stories in front of the class.  I have little to no stage fright anymore, and don't get nervous before a show anymore, but when I have to tell a story I get all the symptoms.  I feel sick, I shake, I sway, I wring my hands, I stutter, and I feel dizzy.  I think the problem is that I don't have a script. When I know what to say, I am calm and collected.  When I am improvising I freak out. 
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Love the sound of a droning air conditioning and muffled footsteps?  Too quiet in your house to study?  Or do you just miss those late night cram sessions at the Library?  Well then this is the CD website for you!  Sounds of the library
Or how about the grating sound of pencil on paper?  Or the unending drone of a loud fan?  Or you could always try my favorite the loud restaurant, including crying baby!Check out the other iSerenity environments and drive yourself nuts.

OK, so not all of them are bad.  They have the old standbys of the ocean and birds, but really, who wants to hear a hairdryer anymore than you have to.