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So, I could claim that I have not written in awhile in solidarity with the writers strike, but that was merely coincidence.  I could also use my stock excuse of "life caught up with me" but that is no fun.  So, I'll simply say that I didn't write cause I didn't make time to do so.  I feel especially bad because this blog is partially to keep my Grandmother updated with my life, and I haven't been doing that.  Then again I did go to her house for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so she is pretty up to date.  As for my other loyal fans, here is what has happened recently.

I got a Job at a store for geeks, called Camelot Treasures.  I'm not just talking computer geeks, but LOTR geeks, SCA geeks, Ren Faire geeks, Fantasy geeks, Harry Potter geeks, fairy geeks, and soon, steampunk geeks.  I also work with a bunch of geeks, which is awesome.  I love working here and look forward to my next shift when I get off. 

I'm no longer working in the computer lab and I am overjoyed by that.  It was a nice job for about 6 months, but after a year I wanted to stab myself in the eye somedays.  But it is done with.

I am back in school, taking British Literature II (Romantic Period - 20th Century), Biology, Play Production II (which is really Movie Production), and an online intro to computers course.  Yes, you read that right.  I'm taking a class online about how to use computers.   School is going good, though I am a bit worried about Bio.  We talked about Quantum Mechanics yesterday in class.  I am beginning to believe that no one actually understands Quantum Mechanics and they all just pretend to.  It is a conspiracy.  o.O9

Crafting wise, I'm really soldering up a storm now that I have a proper soldering iron.  I think I'll use the old one for wood burning if I'm ever so inclined.  However I am frustrated by the learning curve.   I also have been looking at crocheting projects because someone left one at the store and I worked on it.  A lot. 

I don't quite understand the NC approach to snow.  It isn't even sticking to the ground and a guy came in and, in parting, said that he was off to work, where he hoped he wouldn't get snowed in.  There is no snow on the ground!
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